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Wide Bay Seedlings Microgrid

Wide Bay Seedlings is a premium wholesale seedling and tree nursery based near Tiaro and Maryborough on Queensland's Fraser Coast. Balance has been contracted to design, construct and operate a hybrid microgrid to power its greenhouse operations. The purpose of the Microgrid is to reduce electricity costs by using solar generation,with energy storage, to reduce electricity utility dependency and increase reliability.

Mungar Road, Pioneers Rest, Queensland.
Wide Bay Seedlings Microgrid
100kVA PowerCoreX; 172kWh Battery Energy Storage; 89kWp solar PV
April 2020
Wide Bay Seedlings Microgrid

The system comprises:
100kVA PowerCoreX with 172kWh Battery Energy Storage and roof mounted 89kWp solar PV to accompany the existing 30kWp PV, and backup diesel gen set.

Balance’s PowerCoreX Microgrid enables the following benefits:

  • Off-grid application, permitting the system to operate when a grid outage occurs
  • Grid-minimisation; reduced dependency on Ergon utility and greatly reduced power bills
  • A full battery will allow approximately 3 hrs UPS support with no renewable generation
  • Inverter is isolated from the network; system doesn’t require grid connection application
  • Diesel generator integration capability to further reduce grid import during times of need
  • AC coupled PV system