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Tonoas Microgrid C4LIFE

Vital has partnered with Balance Utility Solutions, to design, construct and commission a ‘Renewable Ready’ power station to accommodate future Photovoltaic (solar), battery storage and biomass generation to support the Coconut for Life (C4Life) project.

Vital Head of Strategy – Mr Matthias Lawrence stated that:

“This project will see through to completion, the construction of a 50,000 per day, coconut processing facility on the un-electrified island of some 5,000 people and produce high value virgin coconut oil plus animal feed.”

C4Life also has plans to become Zero Waste. Using the entire coconut (including husk and shell) to produce export quality virgin coconut oil, animal feed, energy and fertiliser.

Tonoas Integrated Coconut Processing Facility, Tonoas Island Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia
Tonoas Power Plant for Vital Energy Inc. / FSM Petro. Corp.
3.85 MW Diesel / Renewable Ready Power Plant stage 2 800kW Solar 640kW Powercore Energy Storage
Tonoas Microgrid C4LIFE