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Salt Lake Trial Hybrid Solution

Salt Lake Potash is developing the Goldfields Salt Lakes Project, which they plan to be the “most sustainable, most rewarding fertiliser project in the world”.

In May 2019, Balance was approached to supply and trial a small-scale solar, wind and storage energy solution to collect real world performance data on renewable energy resources on site. The information will be used to evaluate and optimise future solution designs that will support water pumping at the potash mine being developed on Lake Way Salt Lake south of Wiluna.

Lake Way, Wiluna WA
Salt Lake Wind-Solar-Storage Hybrid
1kW solar PV system, 2kW wind generation system connected to a 5kWh 48V Li-Ion battery and 2kW inverter
November 2019
Salt Lake Trial Hybrid Solution
Balance Solution

Balance Solution

Balance engineered,procured and contructed a trial Hybrid system to collect performance data from Solar, Wind and the use of storage batteries to support future design solutions used to pump brine to be used in the proces to make sulphate of Potash fertiliser

  • 1 kW of PV solar array installed on frame work
  • 2 kW AWS wind turbine is installed on a mast
  • A concrete slab with the wind turbine, solar panels and batteries mounted on
  • Use of Victron controllers and inverter
  • two 2.5 kWh of BYD lithium ion batteries
  • WIFI communication back to the local site office
  • The system is remotely monitored


The key result of this project is that we were able to install small scale hybrid system on a mine site to allow them to collect real performance data from solar and wind power.