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Psaros Park Avenue: Multi-Tenant Shared Solar

Embedded Solutions for Apartments

Psaros are a Property Development Group and have been building in Australia since 1983. Psaros aims to pursue sustainable benefits and green initiatives for all construction projects undertaken hence have sought to fulfill its energy strategy to become a retail energy provider to it’s prospective tenants through implementing solar powered and renewable solutions.

Our Solar PV project at Park Avenue Apartments contributes to the overall energy strategy to deliver a cost saving in electricity bills each year to tenants, return on investment for Psaros, reduce consumption of electricity from the grid and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Any excess electricity generated will be exported to the grid through the tenants feed-in tariff arrangement with Psaros’s retail business arm, Source Energy.

Churchlands Western Australia
Park Avenue Apartments by Psaros
99kWp – 75kWp Embedded Network PV System & 24 x 1kW individual apartment solar systems
July 2017
Psaros Park Avenue: Multi-Tenant Shared Solar
Balance Solution

Balance Solution

During the development stage, prospective tenants had the option to purchase their own individual solar array & inverter or share in a common solar system. Balance was assigned to design, procure and construct two separate solar systems:

• A 75kW embedded network system behind the utility master meter to allow Source Energy to offset grid electricity purchases and supply renewable energy to its Park Avenue customers, and
• 24 individual 1kW PV systems connected behind the energy meters of those apartment owners who had opted for an individual solar system.

The complex design meant that additional engineering measures and due diligence were required to ensure Western Power protection requirements were satisfied.

As Park Avenue comprises four separate, interconnected buildings, with differing roof heights, Balance had to take an innovative approach to the installation and connection of the embedded network and individual solar systems.


  • A beautifully integrated solar system that has minimal impact on the visual amenity of the building
  • Delivered to schedule without disrupting construction of Park Avenue
  • achieving all performance objectives:
  • Annual production of 160-180MWh per annum
  • Reduction of up to 165 tonnes in CO2 emissions