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Microgrid for Euston Energy Park, Euston NSW

The Euston Clubhouse is on the edge of the grid and pays some of the highest electricity tariffs in NSW. As a large market customer network, MLF & DLF charges are high. This made the club an appropriate for a microgrid hybrid.

The client wanted to provide electricity to supply 100% of the club’s daily electricity use between 7am and 10pm, and during network supply outages. The microgrid will provide the with a lower cost, secure and renewable supply of electricity to meet their current and future needs.

Nixon St, Euston NSW 2723
Euston Club Energy Park
Three PowerCores operating in parallel - AC coupled microgrid with 4 sources of generation (grid, 500kW solar, 500kVA diesel and 300kW/1250kWh BESS) - seamless transition of the micro-grid on-grid and off-grid.
July 2020
Microgrid for Euston Energy Park, Euston NSW
Balance Solution

Balance Solution

Microgrid incorporating control system, ground mount and car port solar generation, battery energy storage system, new site main switchboard, new microgrid switchboard, diesel generator set and electric vehicle charging station.

  • PowerCore (conversion and control solution) 300kW
  • Battery System: 1253kWh
  • New site main switchboard to consolidate all club loads
  • Microgrid control system to manage solar generation, battery storage, grid supply, diesel generation and supply to the club.


The system runs reliably in automatic mode - charging the battery in the off peak tariff period overnight - using the battery and solar to supply 100% of the load from 7am to 10pm - and providing 24/7 seamless backup during grid outages.