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Evermore Apartments @ WGV: Shared Solar

The Evermore project is part of an innovative pilot project aimed at developing governance models to allow shared solar PV, battery and monitoring systems to be used in medium density apartments.

Balance partnered with Curtin University, LandCorp, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Low Carbon Living Cooperative Research Centre and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Centre (CSIRO) to deliver Evermore WGV.

The on-site renewable energy is forecast to produce approximately 80 per cent of the apartments’ power, with residents expected to benefit from a 30 to 40 per cent saving on their ongoing electricity bills. The remainder of energy will be sourced from renewable energy sources. With so much renewable power generated on-site, residents will have the advantage of being less affected by fluctuations in energy prices. The Evermore project also provides residents with a peer2peer energy trading platform.

White Gum Valley Fremantle Western Australia
Yolk Property Group Evermore Apartments
Capacity: 50kW of shared solar, 100kW PowerCore inverter system, Storage: 150kWh of energy storage
September 2018
Evermore Apartments @ WGV: Shared Solar

“Evermore is unique in that it is the first apartment development in Western Australia to be recognised as a One Planet Community and it is located within the internationally recognised One Planet Community – WGV at White Gum Valley precinct, within a One Planet City”

- City of Fremantle

How does Peer2Peer energy trading work?

How does Peer2Peer energy trading work?

Balance’s shared solar PV and energy storage solution has helped activate the launch of PowerLedger, a Blockchain peer to peer energy trading platform. Real-time measurement and recording of power and water consumption enables residents’ greater control over their usage and provides feedback mechanisms to maximise efficiency and trade.

This approach makes economic sense because solar energy is mostly produced between 9am and 3pm, a time of day when most residents are not using their power. Residents in this case sell this energy to Western Power at the 7.2c/kWh rate but need to buy back energy from Synergy at 28.32c/kWh in the evening. At Evermore, the shared solar power is stored in the battery system for use later in the day. Residents with left over energy can sell their power to their neighbour at a better rate then they would get from Western Power.

Balance Solution

Balance Solution

Balance worked closely with the project developer Yolk Property Group and other major stakeholders such as Landcorp & Curtin University to ensure major energy efficiency measures could be implemented. This included;

  • Shared roof top 50kW PV solar system
  • Balance's own propriety 100kW Powercore Inverter System
    150kWh of LiFePO4 battery technology
  • Balance's in the cloud live Dashboard, showing individual apartments their energy and water use, improving efficiencies.
  • Peer to Peer energy trading capabilities for strata setting


Evermore Apartments along with its sister apartment sites within White Gum Valley (SHAC and GenY House) is recognized Australia wide as a benchmark of sustainable living.

  • Shared solar and battery installed and open for Peer2Peer Energy trading
  • Tenants have 24/7 clarity of their gas, electricity and water usage that enables them to reduce and/or change their behaviors.
  • Significant reduction in reliance from utility based resources
  • Platform to capture data that will be used by Curtin University researches to gain an insight into resource usage.