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Digital Access to Remote Renewable Energy Systems

Digital Access to Remote Renewable Energy Systems (DARRES) will meet the challenges of deploying high technology renewable energy systems to remote locations where access is difficult and skilled local services unavailable. Even with substantial training for customers to maintain and manage their energy systems, situations often arise where a skilled technician needs to access the system to diagnose and repair.

Available SCADA systems are expensive and not appropriate for data access to smaller remote energy systems. DARRES will develop a digitally based SCADA solution that offers reliable system performance monitoring, remote technical assistance capabilities and energy optimisation for NT’s remote communities.

Balance partnered with Northern Territory-based businesses DICE and New Futures IT for the project as well as Desert Knowledge Australia, SmartEnergy NT, The Centre for Appropriate Technology, Remote Program Delivery Office Land Tenure Unit.

Anindilyakwa Land Council have given us permission to sites on Groote Eylandt as trial sites.

Groote Eylandt, Anindilyakwa NT
Digital Access to Remote Renewable Energy Systems
SCADA prototype installed for remote control and visibility
December 2021

The $237,104 project is a part of the NT government's Digital Partnerships Program Grant

The challenge is to identify and select hardware and software systems to deliver the best balance of communication and data management.

The possible SCADA functionalities will include options for live data, regular reporting and detailed data logs to further customer visualisation data processing, report generation and energy system optimisation.

Most crucial for DARRES is developing a solution that flags events/faults as high priority condensed information revealing the status of the system.

Remote control for performing diagnostic tests, changing operating set points and setting modes of operation

Remote software updates; includes PLC code updates, SCADA system Siemens devices