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5 Mile Community SPS Upgrade

Roebourne is the oldest settlement between Geraldton and Darwin. An isolated community along the vast and lonely coastline which is now the Kimberley and Pilbara.

It was once the administrative centre of the North-West and, as such, has a fascinating Heritage Walk around town which focuses on the large number of buildings which were constructed between 1870-1900.

Balance has been contracted to do an upgrade of the existing off-grid solar and storage system at Mingullatharndo Community, Roebourne WA for 5 Mile Community.

The off-grid utilises solar generation, battery storage and stand-by diesel generation to keep up with demand specified by 5 Mile Community.

Roebourne WA
5 Mile Community Off-grid Upgrade
47.5 kw Solar, 55kWh storage and 80 KVA backup Genset
Under Construction
5 Mile Community SPS Upgrade

Additional works will include the combination of the existing PV inverters, battery inverters, batteries and a generator; and the addition of new PV modules, battery inverters, batteries, a multi-cluster box, DC combiner boxes for battery banks and new mounting system for the PV modules.

The Renewable Energy System will support 5 Mile Community to reduce their need to burn diesel for electricity by offsetting it with solar energy during daylight hours. The energy storage will be used for peak shaving, discharging when solar is insufficient and will allow for transition to the diesel generator at a low State of Charge (SoC).