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Turtle Friendly Solar Lights for Barrow Island

September 13, 2019 2 minutes read

Green, and Flatback Turtles are typically found nesting on Barrow Island and are an important part of the ecology of the island. Turtles nests are found on several beaches around Barrow which must be protected. Turtle hatchings use specific cues to find their way to the ocean which includes light intensity and light directivity. This means any artificial lights can cause considerable disorientation, disrupting the success of their sea-finding.

Balance was able to identify a solar street light that emits a dark amber colour and has a hood top as to contain any unnecessary light pollution. The designs meet strict environmental requirements and ensure minimal impact on the natural cycles to Barrow Island’s turtles.

The turtle friendly solar lights will be shipped and installed by October 2019.

Turtle Friendly Solar Lights for Barrow Island