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Planned Microgrid will Bring Clean Energy to Market Vendors in Nigeria

July 7, 2019 2 minutes read

Rod Hayes CEO recently returned from Akure in Nigeria where Balance and Sunmoyo consulted with the Ondo State Government and the local Deji (King) of Akure plus various markets vendors.

Balance has been collaborating with Sunmoyo, an independent solar project developer who help build capacity for solar powered micro grids that provide high quality energy infrastructure to communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

The visit aimed to advance hybrid microgrid systems which will be somewhere between 300kW and 1 MW. The solution will power market vendors in the city and steer them away from using dirty and costly diesel generators.

Investigations and discussions went very well and the project will be developed over the next 12 months.

Akure, the state capital, is rapidly developing into a commercial and industrial centre and is the site of a federal university of technology. The town is increasingly growing which is why it is a perfect site to launch microgrid projects.

Oil-rich Nigeria is increasingly looking towards renewables in order to supply clean energy to its 198million population.

Although 90% of Nigeria's current export revenue is from petroleum and gas, the federal government aims to ensure 30% of its energy production will be from renewables by 2030.

Nigeria's climate, resources, and economic and societal conditions make solar energy a suitable alternative energy source.

As of December 2017, Nigeria's federal government has invested $20 million on solar projects throughout the country.

The future of renewables for Nigeria is looking bright. Balance is excited to be working in the region and providing solutions that will deliver social and enviornmental benefits to the local communities.

Planned Microgrid will Bring Clean Energy to Market Vendors in Nigeria