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Balance named as a leading PhD employer

April 4, 2019 2 minutes read  Media Mentions

Balance was named as a leading PhD employer in the category of employers with less than 500 employees, across a range of industry sectors.

Balance Director Rod Hayes stated that "employing people who had undertaken a PhD made his team multi-skilled and very well qualified".

Balance named as a leading PhD employer

New research based on LinkedIn data has for the first time broken down the PhD job market, revealing that innovative young high-growth companies are large employers of people with doctorates. The study, titled Who are the Top PhD Employers?, says doctoral graduates are increasingly finding jobs outside academe.

“There are significant opportunities ahead for PhDs to work with young global start-ups and innovative Australian high-growth employers,” it says.

The research, undertaken by Ribit at the CSIRO’s Data 61 and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, found nearly a quarter of working PhD graduates are employed in business, another quarter are in government and not-for-profits, and just over a half are in research institutions and universities.

The study, which includes an analysis of LinkedIn data to determine where people with doctorates work, reveals many PhD graduates already working in a cohort of young, growing Australian companies that are disrupting their industries.

Ribit director Liz Jakubowski said: “Many of Australia’s most successful high-growth companies are already employing PhD students and graduates and there’s an opportunity for other businesses to take advantage of this fantastic talent pool.