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Balance is a vision-driven organisation forging a global reputation for providing robust, reliable and repeatable energy solutions that consistently meet client needs in the world’s most complex, diverse and challenging technical and environmental conditions.

We Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) energy solutions as well as offer Operations and Maintenance services (O&M)

What gets us out of bed in the morning is knowing we are positively contributing to an energy revolution that will change the world.

  • Our leadership team has 250 years of combined experience in the energy sector
  • We have contributed to installing 71MW of Renewable Energy
  • We helped build Australia’s first co-located solar and wind farm; the Gullen Range Solar Farm
  • We were behind the solar and energy storage solutions that launched peer 2 peer energy trading at WGV’s ARENA funded Living Lab
  • We have delivered renewable energy to some of the world’s most isolated populations in the Federate States of Micronesia
  • We helped the Water Corporation save 21 million litres of water by powering a solar bore water pump in regional Western Australia
  • We have provided renewable energy to power those who protect Australians at the Department of Defence's Satellite Spy Station in remote Western Australia
  • We have been behind some of Australia’s leading edge microgrid projects

Our People

Our People

What makes us Balance is our people. They are awesome!

Our leadership team have 250 years of combined experience in power system planning, investment and management. Our world class engineers have extensive technical abilities in renewable energy system design, integration and control.

Our staff has been recognised for its technical leadership and for the innovative solutions the business has deployed.

A large number of Balance staff have achieved PhD or Masters’ level accreditation in their areas of expertise.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients are businesses, government and community organisations that have a higher power demand to meet their production and service objectives:

Community - Government – Utility – Industry - Business

Where do we operate?

We strive to deliver the best possible integrated, renewable energy systems for you wherever you are:

Cities – Country – Remote - Islands

Although we can serve clients globally, our focus is to develop renewable energy across regional Western Australia.

What do we offer?

Our passion is building better energy platforms that will underpin the long-term success of your business or community. Whether on grid or off-grid, we can provide you with better electricity:

Access – Affordability – Capacity – Reliability – Security – Quality - Sustainability

We are passionate about delivering the best value energy solutions to our customers, wherever they are – in cities, regional areas or remote island communities.

How does Balance do it?

How does Balance do it?

We take a holistic approach by balancing your wants and needs.

We demonstrate and deliver the best life cycle value for your solution.

We provide commercial and technical flexibility so your energy platform can change with your needs.

We ensure the solution meets performance expectations over its operating life.